02 / 06 / 2022

Keynote: Urban Futures by Michael Prytula

Inter- and transdisciplinary teaching and research as a key for solving complex problems. An online lecture as a part of the Year of Climate Care programme for “educators”

Prof. Prytula is an architect and has been a research professor for resource-efficient and climate-adapted building at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam in the Department of CITY I BUILDING I CULTURE and the Institute for Urban Future since 2014. His teaching and research focuses on new forms of housing as well as the energetic-material and spatial planning issues in the context of a socio-ecological transformation of urban systems. The aim is to understand and sustainably design urban metabolism. The research includes questions on energy-efficient building and renewable energies, climate-adapted building, and energetic urban redevelopment. This requires a holistic view of construction, building technology, and infrastructure systems. Prof. Prytula has been head of the Urban Futures Master's programme since 2016 and head of the Institute for Applied Research (at the FHP) since 2021, as well as a member of the Climate Council of the state capital Potsdam.

The lecture will be held in English

Moderated by Mária Beňačková Rišková

Production: Georg Russeger, Mária Beňačková Rišková, Ľubica Šimkovicová, Nora Vranová

Impact Academy, Manifest 2020, Slovenská komora architektov, in collaboration with Slovenské centrum dizajnu and Institute for Passive Houses