Sustainable filming in Slovakia

Although most of the world's film distribution is essentially immaterial, and film itself is an optical illusion, much waste and pollution can also be generated in its production. If a conscious consumer should care about the quality and provenance of his food, should he also care about the quality and provenance of his favourite film? The Slovak Film Commission participates in the international Green Screen project, which aims to reduce the carbon footprint of European film and television production.

The Year of Climate Care project mainly focuses on networking artists and designers and educating and inspiring each other about sustainability and ecology. We are also inspired by our filmmakers who have been exploring this theme for a while now. One of the key organisations is the Slovak Film Commission (SFC) established as a special organizational unit of the Audiovisual Fund and is first contact for shooting in Slovakia. Connecting professionals and providing expert guidance, the Slovak Film Commission is here for anyone seeking to create audiovisual content in Slovakia, whether it be a feature, a documentary, animation, TV series or a commercial.

SFC is a partner in an international project called Green Screen. A project of eight European countries, aimed at greening the European audiovisual industry. Green Screen aims to share best practice in sustainable production across Europe. Encourages film and TV production companies and their suppliers to adopt green measures, train staff and create new jobs linked to sustainable work.

One of the tools for greener production is EURECA (European Environmental Calculator). The calculator is based on interregional training within the Green Screen project. The aim of EURECA is to measure the carbon footprint of audiovisual productions, to raise awareness among filmmakers about the environmental impact of their activities and to help them plan their filming.

There is also a clear practical guide in Slovak called Manual. The graphic design was created by designer Andrej Kolenčík, the creation of manual was be supported by several film professionals and institutions: Katarína Krnáčová, Radka Babincová, Simona Móciková, Roman Pivovarník, the expert guarantors were Jana Mikudová and Pavla Lényiová from the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic. The manual was developed by the Institute of Circular Economy (INCIEN) - Petra Csefalvayová and Martina Ľuptáková.

Published May 18th, 2022