Press release: 2022, Year of climate care

Connecting creative people and projects to craft fresh solutions to climate change.

Bratislava, 29 March 2022.

A group of organisers, institutions and individuals active in the field of culture, creativity and environmental protection is launching the Year of Climate Care initiative. Year of Climate Care is a project inspired by global environmental movements and the debate on climate change and its impact on society and communities. The project develops the ideas of the European Commission's New European Bauhaus initiative. 

The project was initiated by the Goethe Institute in Slovakia and the French Institute in Slovakia and invited as partners Manifest 2020, New Cvernova and the Nasuti Sustainability and Arts Festival, professional organisations Slovak Design Centre and Slovak Chamber of Architects, the association PUNKT, which organises community activities such as the Dobrý trh, and Anténa, a network of independent cultural centres. The foreign partner is the Academy of Fine Arts (Impact Academy), Vienna. Partner organisations will be other respected institutions and organisations that are professionally active in the fields of culture, creation and environmental protection as well as education. This group of cultural organisers and experts will organise a series of cultural and educational activities during 2022 with a view to continued cooperation in the future.

The project programme builds on the initiative of the European Commission and its President Ursula von der Leyen, the New European Bauhaus, and develops the core trinity of interlinked values of sustainability, inclusion and cultural values. 

The intention is to support and develop the activities of the creative and educational sector to prevent the negative impacts of climate change in social, cultural and everyday life and to support the transition of society to a carbon-free future, educating about climate change and how to cope with it.

The expected long-term outcome is that the project organisers and partners will create a distributed interdisciplinary platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration between the creative, educational and other sectors.

The primary target audience is creative practitioners, educators and community leaders who can reach their own 'audiences' - students and visitors to cultural events, citizens. All participants will enter into a dialogue about possible climate change actions, initiate and develop their own actions and support networking within Slovakia and the region and international networks.

The structure of the program metaphorically refers to the natural annual cycle in our geographical conditions.

SPRING is dedicated to education, to new professions that are needed for the change process, to new subjects and curricula in schools, to lifelong learning for professionals who can contribute to change. 

SUMMER will be a period for the Climate Academy as an intensive place and time for exchange of information, experiences. The focus of the Academy will be on the creative sector, on activities in architecture and design that bring together futuristic yet pragmatic solutions to the challenges of climate change. The programme will include an artistic research residency.

AUTUMN will focus on creators, a period characterised by intense cultural events. The programme will involve creative centres (Antenna network) and will include a conference during the Nasuti Arts and Sustainability Festival. 

As a period to think about the year(s) ahead, winter will bring together experts in the field of politics, including municipal and regional, inviting representatives of different communities and activities dedicated to climate and environmental care into a dialogue.

Each programme SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN, WINTER will include a lecture by a respected personality, an interactive event to exchange experiences and other events.

Target groups

The three main target groups of the project, which the organizers of the Year of Climate Care project consider important in the process of societal change, are: 

  • Education professionals (educators) = a community of education professionals, formal and informal education

  • Creators = representatives of the creative sector (creatives) = among them architects, designers, artists, theorists, curators...

  • Community representatives (stakeholders) = local government representatives, community leaders, political representatives...

Project milestones

The 2022 programme will consist of several parts

  1. A series of events - discussions, lectures, workshops, visits of foreign experts, meetings

  2. Experimental Summer Climate Academy

  3. Artistic research residencies

29 March 2022, 10:00, Goethe Institute Library in Bratislava
Opening press conference / breakfast with the media
Launch of the project website

8 April 2022, Nová Cvernovka in Bratislava
Project launch event
Warm-Up Party
Warm Data Lab, an innovative workshop connecting people from different professions, generations and interests in one topic, for the first time in Slovakia.

Warm Data Labs are group processes that illustrate interdependence and enable people with no prior exposure to systems theory to understand system patterns. Warm Data Labs bring new societal responses to complex challenges. The speaker and moderator of the event will be Nora Bateson (USA), an award-winning filmmaker, writer and educator, as well as President of the International Bateson Institute based in Sweden. In her practice, she asks the question: "How can we improve our perception of the complexity in which we live so that we can improve our interaction with the world?". During the workshop, we invite project partners and guests to participate in a collaborative process that will not only bring us closer to understanding the need for a mental shift from climate crisis to climate care, but also bring us closer to each other.

Read more: 

Organized by Year for Climate and O. Z. Punkt in cooperation with Nova Cvernova

May 2022
Open call for artistic research residencies

June 2022
Education and climate: workshop, lecture and other events
Artistic Research Residency

July 2022
Summer Climate Academy
Artistic Research Residency

September - October 2022
Culture makers and climate care: workshop, lecture and other events
Artistic Research Residency

November 2022
International conference during the Nasuti Festival

December 2022
Final project activity with community leaders and policy makers

Year of Climate Care 2022 partners


Antenna, Network for Independent Culture

French Institute Slovakia

Goethe Institute Slovakia

Academy of Fine Arts (Impact Academy), Vienna


Nasuti, Festival of Art and Sustainability

New Cvernovka


Slovak Chamber of Architects

Slovak Design Centre 


Goethe Institute Slovakia and French Institute Slovakia


Institute for Passive Houses

We will invite educational institutions and other organisations to cooperate and participate in the activities: Slovak University of Technology, Technical University in Košice, University of Fine Arts Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava and others.


French-German Cultural Fund

EUNIC - European Union National Institutes for Culture  

Fund for the Support of the Arts

Implementation team 

Concept of the project: Mária Beňačková Rišková, Markus Huber

Curatorial team: Mária Beňačková Rišková, Zuzana Duchová, Markus Huber, Jean-Marc Cassam-Chenai, Michal Klembara, Boris Meluš, Illah van Oijen, Yan Pautrat, Zdenka Pepelová, Georg Russegger, Ľubica Šimkovicová, Nora Vranová, Barbara Zavarská

Collaboration: Zuzana Beniačová, Claire Bikouta, Linda Fintorová, Lauriane Chanel, Paulina Rack

Visual identity and design: Eugen Korda

Media contact

Linda Fintorová

Published March 23rd, 2022