New European Bauhaus explained

The New European Bauhaus initiative connects the European Green Deal to our daily lives and living spaces. It calls on all Europeans to imagine and build together a sustainable and inclusive future that is beautiful for our eyes, minds, and souls.

The New European Bauhaus is a creative and transdisciplinary movement in the making!

  • It is a bridge between the world of science and technology, art and culture.

  • It is about leveraging our green and digital challenges to transform our lives for the better.

  • It is an invitation to address complex societal problems together through co-creation. 

By creating bridges between different backgrounds, cutting across disciplines and building on participation at all levels, the New European Bauhaus inspires a movement to facilitate and steer the transformation of our societies along three inseparable values:

  • sustainability, from climate goals, to circularity, zero pollution, and biodiversity

  • aesthetics, quality of experience and style, beyond functionality

  • inclusion, from valuing diversity, to securing accessibility and affordability

The New European Bauhaus brings citizens, experts, businesses, and institutions together to reimagine sustainable living in Europe and beyond. In addition to creating a platform for experimentation and connection, the initiative supports positive change also by providing access to EU funding for beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive projects.

Slovakia joined the first phase of the New European Bauhaus through the Manifest2020 Platform, which became the first Slovak partner of the New European Bauhaus, an environmental, economic and cultural project of the European Commission. The New European Bauhaus (NEB) was presented by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in her State of the Union address in September 2020: "The New European Bauhaus is a project of hope. It is about finding a way to live better together in a post-pandemic world. It is about linking sustainability with good design and aesthetics to bring the ideas of the European Green Deal closer to the people. If the New European Bauhaus is to be successful, we need to bring together all creative minds such as designers, artists, scientists, architects together with citizens."

A member of the informal advisory group of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and an ambassador of the New European Bauhaus project was also the YCC curator, Mária Beňačková Rišková, who was the director of the Slovak Design Centre for five years and was co-founder of the Slovak Design Museum. Currently she works as an independent expert in the field of design, multimedia and cultural heritage.

Published March 25th, 2022