09 / 06 / 2022

Keynote: The Festival of the New European Bauhaus

NEB in the Heart (of Europe), Talk by the Year of Climate Care Network, is a part of the New European Bauhaus Festival organized in Brussels and online. It will present several stakeholders in the region of the Central Europe (Slovakia, Austria) who are involved in the NEB network or they are developing long-term activities in the line with the NEB values.

We want to draw attention to our activities and manifest clearly that we belong among the regions that are dedicated to the intersection of sustainability, inclusiveness, and creative disciplines. The main objective of the event is to present how organizers in the CEE region are using artistic, creative, and cultural practices to raise awareness for teaching and learning scenarios to embed climate care sensibility into educational frameworks, everyday community practices or specific culture and creative sectors activities (cultural centres, architecture and design practices).

Manifest 2020 and its partners became very early the leading organization developing the NEB values in Slovakia. Collaboration resulted in creating the application for one of the NEB Lighhouse demonstrators with the centre in Nová Cvernovka, "creative ecology" cultural centre in Bratislava but focusing on the whole region of the CEE Europe. This application was not selected by the jury in 2022 call but partners of this project are already developing strong bonds and working in our communities.

This year established circle under the title 2022 Year of Climate Care that includes important players in our region is crucial for the talk. Inspired by worldwide environmental actions and debate on climate change and its impact on communities, a group of cultural organizers and practitioners organize a series of cultural and educational activities through the year 2022. The network is planned to unfold beyond 2022. The conceptual background is provided by the themes of the NEB movement.

The Goethe-Institut and the French Institute in Bratislava are leading organizations of the project with the support and active collaboration of several local players, cultural organizations, informal groups, and educational institutions focused on arts, design, and architecture: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Impact Academy), Manifest 2020, and its members, Nová Cvernovka, Nasuti – festival of art and sustainability, Anténa – network for independent culture, Slovak Chamber of Architects, Slovak Design Center, Punkt.

Our speakers are:

  • Mária Beňačková Rišková

  • Ľubica Šimkovicová

  • Eugen Korda

  • Nora Vranova

  • Boris Meluš

  • Georg Russegger

  • Zuzana Duchová

  • Markus Huber

Presentation will be held in English.

NEB Festival programme: https://new-european-bauhaus-festival.eu/home