11 / 09 / 2022

Workshop: HOW TO BECOME SOIL (?)

Villa Shapira, Wien
The workshop is hosted by artist Veza Czyn and is part of the project Year Of Climate Care in cooperation with NASUTI Festival (Slovakia) and Impact Academy/Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

In the midst of brutal, violent destruction of the planet and all the different bodies inhabiting it, with the help of speculative fabulation in this workshop we are going to transform ourselves to soil. We will try to think about what that could mean, what it would take to do that, how it could look like, what skills and practices we would need to develop, how our languages and our relations could change, what we would 
have to sacrifice and what we could gain. We will think with care, ruins, toxines, drought, compost, microbes, (in)visibility, death, life, food, cooperation, sympoiesis, myth, stories and much more.
No previous knowledge in any of the topics is necessary, only the willingness to engage in collective learning and experimentation.Everybody is welcome, but keep in mind that it is our collective responsibility to create a space that is safe and caring.

Participation is free, please register via becoming_soil@posteo.de
Languages in the workshop are English and German (and others).